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KISMET KOMBUCHA began in a kitchen cupboard.  


As an avid kombucha drinker, Brewmaster Jake developed an at home brewing hobby- much to the distaste of me (his wife Becky)!  The kitchen got a little too stinky at times!  Our daughter, Ella, even coined the process as a “yeast infection in a jar”.  Yes, she was 16 at the time.  We all watched the “science experiment” continue to evolve over time.  The brew kept getting better and better.  The kids and I even started drinking it (this includes a 5 year old!).  Turns out, it was pretty good!  On any given day, Jake was sampling his home brew.  Whether it was in a staff meeting with coworkers or on the sidelines of a soccer match, he wanted to know how he could improve his craft.


During this same time, my brother and sister in law (Mike & Erin) moved “home” to Iowa.  A place they have not lived in over 20 years!  Guess where they moved?  Under 3 miles away from us!  As our families reconnected, the booch became a common hobby for everyone.  Some were more interested in the brewing, and others…in the drinking!  


In a whirlwind of life events that aligned in the perfect time and perfect place, Kismet Kombucha was born.  


Staying close to home, we opened our brewery in Grimes, Iowa.  


As a local, family owned, and operated brewery; we love to source as many of our teas and flavorings from other local, family owned small businesses.  We pride ourselves in brewing unique, bold flavors with high quality ingredients that we feel confident in giving to our own kids.   


We have enjoyed our journey so far and can’t wait to meet some of you along the way!




Enjoy life.

Enjoy each other.

Enjoy the booch!


kismet: meant to be


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Becky is the captain of this kombucha ship. She brings a keen eye to the brand, and extremely high standards for the quality of our products. Her attention to detail is matched by her passion and care for her family, friends and community.



Erin is our in-house kombucha critic and delivers enthusiasm for a high quality and sustainable product. She draws from over 20 years of experience working in the global food market. Erin brings a desire to do good and a servant heart to Kismet.

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Jake is the kombucha lover and home-brewer turned professional brewmaster. His passion for adventure and inquisitive mind, has led this family team to start their kombucha journey. Jake’s experience as a public educator drives his thoughtfulness for creating a product that fills the soul and brings people together.



Mike brings world-wide business leadership experience and a genuine love for the booch. He has a talented and creative business mind and delivers on stability and planning. His executive leadership experience has led him around the world and finally back home.

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