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What is Kombucha?

In 414 CE, a Korean physician made a long journey to Japan. He traversed valleys and climbed steep slopes to reach his destination. What was his mission? He had heard that the Emperor was gravely ill, and that doctors from near and far were arriving, equipped with every possible cure. But this physician would cure the Emperor’s ailments where others had failed. What was in his toolkit? A fermented tea.

When the physician arrived in Tokyo, he saw a line of doctors leading up to the Emperor’s dwelling. He waited, and waited. And when it was finally his turn to approach, he presented his jars of tea. With some apprehension, the Emperor received a few jars.

“Adapt this tea into your diet and within a week you will feel better,” was the physician’s recommendation.

As the days passed, just as the physician said, the Emperor started to notice improvements in his health. Amazed at the results, he called for the physician and asked for his name. His name was Dr. Kombu.

Today you do not need to go to such great lengths to get kombucha. Most grocery stores and some retail stores carry this fermented tea in their cold storage. Fermented tea? Yes! What gives this tea its health properties comes from the fermentation process! As the tea sits, it brews a bacteria and yeast cocktail to create the drink we all love. The process is the creation of SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), that is literally bubbling with life!

Why drink kombucha? Over the course of its 2,000 year existence, it has been cited as an aid for digestion, immune system boosting, and food for a healthy gut. This living culture absorbs caffeine and sugar to function. It’s awesome! This process takes time, but well worth the wait.

A common question we have been asked is if you can over drink kombucha. You can not over drink kombucha. We do recommend that you use moderation when consuming our product, as too much of anything is bad for you. If you are new to drinking kombucha you should slowly introduce it into your diet. Everybody is different so go at the pace that feels right with your body. People ask if there is alcohol in kombucha? There is less than the amount that is in apple juice!

The kombucha we make is perfect for those who are beginning to start this fermented journey and for those who have already started it. We brew a kombucha that has a bold and flavorful taste! Those who partake will love all the different kinds of kombucha we produce, as we are constantly working on expanding our taste buds and developing new flavors.

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